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Newsletter 202401_Showing Bioenergetics

EN: Showing Bioenergetics

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 I produced five bioenergetics films, each about 1 minute long, with my sons and put them on my website.

The effect: four new patients within three weeks after no one reported for a year.

It is these basic exercises from bioenergetics:

  • Working with the breathing stool
  • Work on the breathing roll
  • Kicking into the matress
  • Vibrating in the elephant position
  • Hitting the cube

My question to my colleagues:

  • What could I add?
  • Where can I publish these films?
  • What experiences do you have with social media and resonance?

You can find the films here ... | E-mail: 

ES: Demostrar la Bioenergética


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Produjé cinco películas de bioenergética, cada una de aproximadamente 1 minuto de duración, con mis hijos y las puse en mi sitio web.

El efecto: cuatro nuevas pacientes en tres semanas después de que nadie pidió una terápia durante un año.

Son estos ejercicios básicos de la bioenergéticaTrabajar con el taburete de respiraión

  • Trabajar con el taburete de respiraión
  • Trabajar en el rodillo de respiración.
  • Patear en el colchón
  • Vibrar en la posición de elefante
  • Golpear el cubo

Mi pregunta para mis colegas:

  • ¿Qué podría agregar?
  • ¿Dónde puedo publicar estas películas?
  • ¿Qué experiencias teneis con las redes sociales y la resonancia?

Puedes encontrar las películas aquí (también en castellano): | E-mail: 

DE: Bioenergetik demonstrieren

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Fünf Bioenergetik-Filme, je ca. 1 Minute, habe ich mit meinen Söhnen produziert und auf meine Website gestellt.

Der Effekt: Vier neue Patientinnen innerhalb von drei Wochen, nachdem sich ein Jahr lang niemand gemeldet hatte.

Es sind die Basis-Übungen aus der Bioenergetik:

  • Arbeit mit dem Atemschemel
  • Arbeit auf der Atemrolle
  • Kicken
  • Vibrieren im Elefanten
  • Schlagen auf den Würfel 

Meine Frage an Euch Kollegen*innen:

Meine Frage an Euch Kollegen*innen:

  • Was könnte ich ergänzen?
  • Wo kann ich diese Filme publizieren?
  • Welche Erfahrungen habt Ihr mit Social Media und Resonanz?

Die Filme findet Ihr auf: | E-mail: 

Newsletter 202401_Workshop for Russians in Armenia with Olaf Trapp

Workshop for Russians in Armenia with Olaf Trapp

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On December 1-3, Olaf Trapp's therapeutic group for Russian trainees and bioenergetic therapists took place in Yerevan. All participants in the meeting are grateful to the land of sunny and hospitable Armenia for the opportunity of this unusual and very significant meeting, which gives new hopes. The thirst of all Russian IIBA members for knowledge and connections with the Big World of BA in the current situation is understandable. But in Yerevan, a space of deep self-knowledge and cooperation opened up not only in this sense. We, those who found the opportunity to come, overcame our own separation by circumstances, finding each other in close contact – side by side, with hugs and confessions. Those who stayed in Russia and those who went abroad met. Also met current trainees (participants in the Moscow training program, undergoing bioenergetic training almost entirely online), and therapists of the “first wave” (who remember and appreciate the experience of Olaf Trapp’s therapeutic group, which united Moscow and Perm in 2013-2015). And our team member was again Evgenia Soboleva, whose highly professional translation and presence served as an indispensable support for the process.

The long-awaited live work at the workshop was devoted to the specifics of early trauma, where Olaf Trapp revealed his experience of clinical analysis. This way of work based on individual sessions, when the group somehow lives the process together with the client and the therapist.

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It is always difficult to fit such energetically powerful work into real conditions – limited time, group size, specifics of current processes and relationships of participants. The gained experience of live work still needs to be lived and integrated. But what helps to overcome all obstacles is known. This is a reliance in our activity on the community (the importance of which was emphasized by Olaf Trapp), dedication to common tasks, love in the human sense and patience, honesty and sincerity, faith in the prospects and in the world that we can to build. And, of course, creativity and music that sounded throughout the workshop.

After the meeting in Yerevan, we repeatedly addressed what happened. And first, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of live meetings with professionals. I will quote my colleagues:

  • No theoretical knowledge can replace live contact in Training and for subsequent movement. We can talk as much as you like about how to touch a client. How to ground yourself. But only live can you see how often people keep their center of gravity on their heels, how much tension there is in the neck, and the breathing is blocked... This is not realized and online it is difficult to track;
  • These three days were much richer in "fullness" of the energy, presence and living,  than our online training;
  • The “magic” happened here – with the participants personally, and with the group as a whole. And this is created solely due to the experience of the Leader and the openness of each group member. Trusting each other and being willing to be vulnerable are the most important ingredients for this magic, and we succeeded! For which we thank everyone who shared these lively and unique minutes. Yes, special thanks to Olaf for his support and generosity to share;
  • Thanks to Olaf's professional guidance, his amazing ability to include the group in almost every therapeutic process, and the opportunity to be in deep, vulnerable personal contact, it was possible to not lose touch with others and with the group. As a result, the amazing effect for me was that I was not tired after the three-day workshop, but on the contrary, I had energy and high performance.

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In general, it would be good to meet more often.

Svetlana Dinaburg | Perm Society Bioenergetic Analysis

Newsletter 202401_ACSBA, CCSBA, SCIBA & MSBA

Cultivating Vitality: Somatic Techniques from Bioenergetic Therapy

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ACSBA, CCSBA, SCIBA & MSBA  join together to create a new offering ...

Four North American Societies are collaborating to offer a workshop series in Spring, 2024.

  1. Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis,
  2. Central Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis,
  3. Massachusetts Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, and
  4. Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

have brought their collective wisdom to the online, live workshop environment.

Cultivating Vitality: Somatic Techniques from Bioenergetic Therapy

For therapists who want to explore body-based psychotherapy, and anyone interested in bioenergetic analysis. Designed to be an introduction to the theory and practice on Bioenergetic Therapy, this series of three three-hour workshops includes some teaching, bioenergetic exercise, and small group experiential activities.  Each workshop facilitated by two CBT therapists.

  • March 17 Grounding: Connecting body and mind
  • April 7 Breathing: Tools to release tension & reduce anxiety
  • May 5 Boundaries: Skills for healthy relationships
  • Live, online
  • Time: 12 - 3:15 PM Eastern/9 AM - 12:15 PM Pacific/1 - 4:15 PM Atlantic
  •  Continuing Education credits have been applied for through the Massachusetts NASW.

More information and registration:

Newsletter 202401_ACSBA

ACSBA: What's going on ...

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MSBA & ACSBA: Online exercise groups & bioenergetic training program

The Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (ACSBA) has been building collaborations across North America. Here are a few of the things we’re doing:

Online exercise groups

Online exercise groups, twice weekly. Collaboration with MSBA, CCSBA. To get on the mailing list for the weekly zoom link:

Bioenergetic training program

Ongoing bioenergetic training program, a one-room-schoolhouse model, with retreat-style training, is now in its sixth year. Collaboration partner is MSBA. See our website for more information ...

Upcoming ...

We are in conversation with CCSBA about future possible collaborations.

Leslie Costello | Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis


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