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Newsletter 202306: Moscow Training Group

Moscow Training Group


From Russia with love!

In December 2022, we participated in a seminar held by Odila Weigand. An amazing 4-day process was dedicated to body reading, psychodynamic issues, diagnostic benchmarks, and patient observation in the BA therapy. We felt as if through Odila we had touched Lowen and felt the connection of times and the infinite presence of his spirit.

In January 2023, a great and very special event happened for Moscow Training Group when Gabriel Puopolo De Almeida came to snow-covered Moscow for a live seminar. He spent 8 days warming our frozen souls with Brazilian warmth and music. We shared grief, joy, fear, and learned more about the beauty and power of BA and ourselves. Gabriel told us, "I am here to help you so that you can help your patients and your people in this difficult time."

In February and late April 2023, Dante Moretti gave us 2 intensive seminars on working with psychodynamics in BA, for which we are very grateful.

In March 2023, “notre fleur de Coeur” Louise Fréchette gave us a 4-day workshop on "Expanding concepts and techniques related to transference and countertransference, and intersubjective relationships and resonance". Louise herself is a shining example of humanity and strength of spirit for us!

We are grateful to Rogerio Ziotti for conducting the great intervision groups on psychoanalysis and to Gabriel Puopolo De Almeida on the Theory of Reichian Therapy.

And we are very much looking forward to the next workshop of our trainer Anat Gihon in June.

Moscow Training Group | Artemeva Nadezhda, Zhanetta Gumerova, Svetlana Smirnova, Natalia Baitukalova, Angelina Sarmatova

Newsletter 202306: Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis


It is with great pleasure to report that the Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis had their first face to face Attending to Body workshop (since the pandemic) held at National University.

It was held on April 8th and welcomed by many who were eager to learn and experience the work in action.

  • Jennifer York engaged us in grounding exercises while
  • Diana Guest led a wonderful demo with Lana Veyts.

Through the use of relational body centered modern bioenergetic analysis, we can significantly bring about change.

We invite you to our next Attending to Body that is scheduled some time in July. Stay tuned for the date!

Hilda Loza |

Newsletter 202306: Massachusetts and Atlantic Canada Societies for Bioenergetic Analysis

Massachusetts and Atlantic Canada Societies for Bioenergetic Analysis


The Massachusetts and Atlantic Canada Societies hosted an enlivening and invigorating workshop in April with IIBA faculty member Len Carlino in Essex, MA! We were privileged to observe and experience the hands-on techniques and compassionate, intuitive way of seeing and being that Len brings to his work. In addition to sharing his incredibly powerful work, Len gave a presentation on his unique amalgam of bioenergetic work. Our time together also included plenty of celebratory dance, drumming, singing, and a creative, hilarious Skit Night.


The combined Massachusetts and Atlantic Canada Societies' training group celebrates the end of our fifth year and the beginning of our sixth! We have a fabulous group of new trainees this year from Connecticut, Michigan, and Massachusetts. As our training occurs residentially over extended weekends (Thursday - Sunday) and the pricing includes housing, we can accommodate participants from far and wide. The group meets in a lovely space about one hour north of Boston, MA. They share meal preparation along with in-depth bioenergetic process and learning. We invite applicants from around the world and are also pleased to continue to expand our teaching team!

Sarah Putnam |

Newsletter 202306: Polskie Stowarzyszenie Analizy Bioenergetycznej

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Analizy Bioenergetycznej


We are happy to announce that Bioenergetic Analysis is becoming more and more popular and available in Poland.

Currently, the Polish Association of Bioenergetic Analysis conducts training courses in three beautiful Polish cities:

  • In Sopot, participants complete the fourth year of training,
  • in Poznań - the third, and
  • in Warsaw - the second.
  • Another edition is in preparation - in Kraków.

Our training workshops are conducted by IIBA International Trainers: Dr. Vita Heinrich-Clauer and Heiner Steckel and IIBA Local Trainer Susanne Winkler.

Inspired and constantly supported by our long-term cooperation with International Trainer Vita Heinrich-Clauer, we opened in Poland the Faculty Programme, led by IIBA International Trainer Jörg Clauer and IIBA Local Trainer Susanne Winkler. We have the Group of CBT’s who are learning how to develop in the area of being Teaching Therapists and Supervisors in the future Polish Faculty Team. We will gladly share about that more in the next IIBA newsletter.

Also we are running a development postgraduate training "Auto-Regulation and Psychodynamics in Bioenergetic Analysis" aimed at graduates of the basic 4-year IIBA Training in the Bioenergetic Analysis. It takes place in Poznań and is conducted by the Group of Professionals: Jens Tasche, Carsten Holle, Alice Moll and Reinhard Weber-Steinbach.

The single modules of this program are addressed also to psychotherapists of various conventions, psychologists and doctors, what helps to spread the bioenergetics concepts around.

The Polish Association of Bioenergetic Analysis, apart from conducting training projects, focuses on the development and cooperation with the psychotherapist community. Together with other organizations, we are looking for the best solutions to increase the chance of legislation of the psychotherapist profession in Poland.

Despite the difficulties and new challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, our training offer and interest in the Bioenergetic Analysis are still growing. Now, about 50 people participate in our training to become a psychotherapist. 

We attach warm greetings from the entire Bioenergetic Analysis community in Poland and invite you to present and future events! Let's stay connected!

Magdalena Malkiewicz |


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