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Newsletter 202211: Engaging the Body in Psychotherapy: Contemporary Bioenergetic Analysis

Engaging the Body in Psychotherapy: Contemporary Bioenergetic Analysis

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Engaging the Body in Psychotherapy: Contemporary Bioenergetic Analysis is now open for enrollment. In this course you will learn foundational skills for body-centered therapy.

Get all the details and sign up now 

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Laurie Ure tells this story:

Depression and I go way back…

Our relationship began in childhood. I remember coming home from elementary school one day, the sky was already getting dark, and the dead leaves were crunching under my feet. I slowly trudged up the big hill towards home, eyes downcast, not wanting to face the heaviness that filled my house - and my heart.

I didn’t understand it all then, but my adult self now knows what awaited me at home: A dad who was depressed and distant. A teenage brother who had just made two serious suicide attempts. And a mother whose self-esteem depended on what others thought of her, embarrassed at how our family’s mental illness reflected on her role as a school counselor.

On the surface, our family must have looked okay. Or normal. So no one knew how much I was suffering.

But as I entered my teens, word got out. I struggled with depression and considered suicide. ‘Laurie, we love you,’ read a giant sign my church group hung on a tree outside my house to prevent me from attempting suicide. But they could not protect me from chronic unhappiness. 

I dropped out of my first year in college because my depression was overwhelming. Then, my father died tragically in a small plane accident. My mother, widowed and feeling free to pursue an old dream, moved us out of the house where we had grown up to begin her new life as a lay minister. With nothing left resembling “home” anymore, I returned to college.

Out on my own again, I knew I needed help. 

I remember my first sessions in my therapist’s large, open living room, where she invited me to move to express my feelings. It was a strange, unwieldy concept for me. But what emerged were the truths that the surface image of my family hid and which I couldn’t verbalize. 

I began to listen to my body, which held a story about my history beyond what I could tell in words.

I had discovered something key.

Over the next decade, with a lot of help from therapists along the way, a new philosophy of life helped me transform my body out of its depressive shape and into my strength as a therapist and educator in my own right. This philosophy was called Bioenergetic Analysis.

Bioenergetic Analysis, or just Bioenergetics for short, taught me that being fully alive includes feeling deeply. Through learning and practicing this deep and gentle methodology, I learned that true strength lies in our ability to tolerate vulnerability, and that our bodies provide essential wisdom we often can’t put into words. 

Through Bioenergetic Analysis, I grew profoundly in self-confidence and self-acceptance, and learned to work with my body to allow my emotions to move through me more fully.

Finding bioenergetics was one of the greatest blessings of my life, and it is my honor to now be a teacher of this art.

You have the opportunity to be the kind of therapist that touched Laurie’s life so significantly by enrolling in the newest course by the Academy of Therapy Wisdom


Find out more about the course: Engaging the Body in Psychotherapy: Contemporary Bioenergetic Analysis by the Academy of Therapy Wisdom

The Academy of Therapy Wisdom | 

Newsletter 202306: In Memoriam

In Memoriam by Gerald Perlman, Ed Svasta and Others

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In Memoriam by Gerald Perman

On behalf of The New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis and with a heavy heart I am sad to announce, as some of you may already know, that Bob Lewis, MD died on Monday April 24, 2023 after a prolonged but valiant struggle with bladder cancer. He was in hospice at home surrounded by his family.

Bob was a pioneer in our field and he will be greatly missed by many of us. Some of you may also be aware that I have been working on editing a book of Bob’s publications and presentations for the last two years with the assistance of his son Gene, his daughter, Missy and his close friend and colleague Ron Panvini. Gene privately published a draft of the book. So, Bob was able to see and hold a concrete copy of it shortly before he died.

Those of us involved with the book will continue to work on a final copy of his very important contributions to the theory and practice of  Bioenergetic Analysis. We hope to publish it in the not too distant future.

Bob’s family has informed us that there will be a memorial for Bob probably sometime this summer. As soon as the details are available, we will inform the members of IIBA.

New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis | Gerald Perlman

In Memoriam by Ed Svasta

Bob and I go back together many years even to the original IBA. I was in the first formal Bioenergetic Training Class in New York about 1970 for 4 years taught by Al Lowen and John Pierrakos and others. The training format was expert lecturing, demonstrating and discussion followed by discussion between students and trainer. No discussion between students.  In the second year of training Bob came as trainer and the first thing he said to us was let’s have group discussion between students. This was a refreshing and valuable addition.

In 1975 Bob was the first trainer to go to Europe to Belgium in our great formal European expansion. Two months later I went to the Netherlands. We swapped ideas and experiences.

Bob and I lived 3 blocks apart in Manhattan on East 89th street and often rode home together in cabs after a Bioenergetic meeting. We often discussed finer points of reality quite contentiously but always ended up friendly. Also, occasionally he and his wife and I would have dinner together.

 So we had a rich and interesting relationship and I will miss him. I hope he didn't suffer too much at the end.

Speaking of endings, two items. Thanks to the IIBA for keeping us informed of the deaths of long-time colleagues as you have done in the past year and the responses.  And I'm 93 years old now and believe post-mortems are essentially for the survivors as the dead are back to the earth and cosmos and never heard from. I had a wonderful life in Bioenergetics with many of you and I'm still fairly strong and clear, so if you are inclined to correspond, I'd like to hear from you.

Ed Svasta


“… I feel for Bob an immense respect for his work of great richness and originality, for his incredible humanity made of tenderness, humor and sometimes innocence …”

“… He was a brilliant and unique human being and will be missed …”

“… I remember especially Bob’s presence intellectually and energetically as he shared the profound truth of the connections to thought and mind!  He gave all of us, including me, an appreciation of the place cognition in the energetic process.  I feel especially blessed with having known and felt his heart in our work …”

“… The last few days have been a time for reflection on the life of Robert Lewis. I feel such gratitude for his impact upon my life as well as his numerous contributions to the entire IIBA community. Thank you, thank you, dear Bob for all you have given us over the years! You will be greatly missed …”

“… Bob was one of the most important people in my life. I will never forget my work with him nor will I forget him …”

“… I have known Bob for more than 35 years. He has been one of my main trainers in my IIBA-training and he was not only a wonderful und friendly man but also a very good and creative teacher. I learnt so many important methods and interventions from him that I use till today - often thinking of him with a thankful smile …”

“… I have known Bob for many, many years as a colleague with a quirky inquisitive mind, indomitable spirit and his very own idiosyncratic style of working. His life within Bioenergetics spans the time from the very beginnings of the Institute, even before there was an IIBA, to today’s Bioenergetic Society with its many international institutes. He managed to stay relevant and beloved throughout. Honoring Bob for me also means mentioning/admiring his capacity to challenge some of Lowen’s theorizing while staying deeply committed to Bioenergetics, not an easy feat ...”

“… He was a very special person who touched us all so deeply, and from the depth and honesty of his pain and love he was able to support so many of us in such a profound way. One session with him in 2010 after the Lowen memorial totally transformed my sense that I was doomed. How can one ever repay him for such a transformation, except attest to his qualities as an amazing therapist and human being …”

“… We shall honour his memory as a person, a therapist, a teacher, someone with courage and innovative ideas …”

“… Bob has been someone very special to me. His creativity, his humbleness and his huge wisdom made him an incredibly marvellous therapist and healer. His deep knowledge allied with such deep care made me feel very humble and wishing to always learn more from him, which I did …”

“… Bob was always an inspiration, mentor, creative voice.  He often spoke with passion and courage, and told his truth in a very powerful way, he will be greatly missed…”

“… Bob's keynotes were explorations of his own vulnerabilities as a therapist, as well as theoretically informative.  He continually challenged my thinking and I will miss his teasing and his warm hugs ...”

“… I met Bob more than 40 years ago when I was a young trainee. I will miss him for his intellect to his passion …”

“… His unique contribution to bioenergetic analysis, has been inspiring for generations of bioenergetic therapists. I am mourning a wonderful mentor and colleague, and above all, a kind and generous human being …”

“… There are some people in life that just thinking about them makes you smile.  I'm still smiling, Bob, in my grief and shock.  Many laughs and many powerful bonding experiences.  You are forever in my heart …”

Interview with Bob Lewis by Ron Panvini

Watch our Emeritus Interview with Bob Lewis by Ron Panvini during the 25th IIBA International Conference (❝A bioenergetic view of love, healing, connection and authenticity❞) which took place from May 22 to 26, 2019:

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Newsletter 202306: Join the Informal Club of IIBA Members!

Join the Informal Club of IIBA Members!


I feel that in the world of Bioenergetic Analysis we lack informal connections between people who are close in spirit, interests and searches. Let's create something like a club (as a project, the Y.E.S. Club for "Extended Young Seekers"). Youth is not about age, but about mobility, openness of mind and heart, willingness to learn new things, reevaluate your experience and all that. An experienced professional (coach, president or retired - it doesn't matter) can also be a young seeker, if he/she feels like that and wants to share his/her energy.

This Club will be in addition to the official IIBA structures to discuss current issues in their practical details. Its participants are invited to share what is important to them, get feedback on their ideas or find partners to implement. Maybe you would like to discuss what you read? Or, for example, we could think about the preservation of heritage of Bioenergetic Analysis, historical achievements and memories of our wonderful people. Another area of activity could be translation and intercultural communication. Please suggest yours!

So, Y.E.S. club is for members of IIBA who wish to create a safe space for discussion, analysis and creation of new areas of activity and solutions related to any practice in Bioenergetic Analysis. And although the club focuses more on social interaction, rather than education, professional growth is not possible without informal communication and mutual enrichment between DIFFERENT people. Yes, without the usual statuses and roles.

I believe that this place can work on the principle of self-organization, where participants manage the process in the course of interaction. While no one knows exactly how it will be, this is a bit of an adventure, a game - but within the framework of worthy professional and friendly relations.

And I don't know the extent of your interest in this idea. But let's start with a chat in a closed Telegram group ( This tool, seems, is most convenient for communication in different topics. And then we'll see ...

Language of communication is still English. Not everyone speaks it well, but we will try to understand each other. Feel free to email me if you need clarification:

We cannot give more to the world than we accumulate inside, for ourselves!

Our group:

About Telegram:


  • "discussion before decision"; the part of difficult problems is in the shadow,  first of all,  need to learn to notice it and speak honestly about it.
  • "go beyond the problem" - as you know, the problem is not solved at the level at which it arose.
  • "diplomacy enriches" - a respectful and cozy atmosphere is priceless for people and ideas.
  • "take your fun!" - joy, pleasure, inspiration and humor are is privilege for serious persons in serious deals.
  • "leave the hierarchy outside" - contacts of people of different experience and qualifications save from obsolescence.
  • "creativity in the process, not the schedule" - a creative solution is difficult to plan, but all previous conditions are important for him.
  • "what is interesting to me may be useful to others" - this is about the motives for participation and the expected profit.

Join the Y.E.S Club and let us know your ideas, thoughts and suggestions! I am looking forward to getting in contact with you!

Svetlana Dinaburg |



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