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With a new movie release, the producer offers additional content as bonus tracks and bloopers beside the movie itself. Why not do the same, for an event like our French-speaking Bioenergetic Analysis Study days! 

In order to watch the official outcome, please have a look at our youtube channel and watch the “Introduction des Journées d'Etudes Francophones en Analyse Bioénergétique”.

But for falls, bugs, misfires, anxieties, read here …

The French-speaking Bioenergetic Analysis study days are an annual event, organized by the four French-speaking societies that take turns: the CFAB (the French College of Bioenergetic Analysis), the IABFS (the Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis France Sud), SFABE (French Society for Bioenergetic Analysis) and SOBAB (Belgian Society for Bioenergetic Analysis).

In 2019 (in Paris), we celebrated very successful study days under the themes “Beauty at the heart of the therapeutic path”. Our participants finished happily looking forward to the next edition. The IABFS announced, that the following year in 2020 the days would take place in Marseille. In the TGV (High Speed ​​Train), while returning home from Paris, the members of the IBAFS discussed possible themes, quickly we had a unanimous winner: “The Voice in Bioenergetic Analysis, A way to one's own Self”.
Two days after the Parisian days, we made a reservation for December 5 and 6, 2020. Fully satisfied and happy with such a good start in order to begin to prepare the upcoming event.


An event taking place far from Marseille, in the province of Hubei in central China, changed the way the planet was working: on November 16, 2019, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus appeared. In France, there were confinements and sanitary restrictions resulting in cancellations of all or annual meetings in 2020 and 2021.

Finally, we were able to get back together and organize new in-person events in 2022. A motivated and eager team of the IABFS has emerged and has taken on the task of getting back to the study days. The situation has quite changed a bit, the venues approached were no longer good enough in order to keep ensure the new health standards (like lack of ventilation). The team was looking for new destinations.

Preparing the venue, inviting the speakers, coordinating the caterings, etc. everything started to seem to fit together well, even if a spelling error on the flyers gave an unknown fake email address. The first registrations started at the beginning of the summer 2022.

A month before the start of the study days, the person in charge warned the team that the event location for dinner on Saturday evening disappeared. The email and the telephone didn’t work anymore. There was no way to get in contact with that location. A new place must be found immediately and with prices respecting the budget. The organizing committee struggled, alternatives didn’t work out, price-wise or because they were already fully booked. The organizing committee started to knock on all doors close to the of the meeting room rented. That was just 2 weeks before the start of the study days.

And there! A big surprise! The location booked but unreachable got in contact with us and they were waiting for us! The manager explained that he changed his email address and telephone number.

All seemed to get back to normal, but the bodies of the organizing team have their say. Tiredness, fatigue, stress, bad luck … And now a member of the organizing team who wanted to lead a workshop, got sick and his participation in the event was in risk. Just one week to go!

The study days were approaching. We arrived all at Marseilles. Our Quebec colleague, accepted to be a lecturer, slipped on the old port of Marseilles and dislocated his right shoulder. He went to the emergency room and came back with a splint for three months. Nevertheless, he was still motivated to be our lecturer.

Two days before the start, I twisted my right ankle, a minor sprain, but I was limping. The day after, a colleague from the organization team feel and felt unbearable chest pain (cracked ribs?). She was unable to drive and had to be accompanied.

On “D” day everyone was there, I limped a lot less, our colleague's ribs were less painful, our colleague from Quebec was doing fine, too.

EUR SUD StudyDays

Could the title of our days "The Voice in Bioenergetic Analysis, A way to one's own Self", presuppose that organizational process, nobody knows, but it was the way to the realization of this beautiful event.

Jean-Constantin Colletto | IABFS’s President | Institut d'Analyse Bioenergétique France Sud


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