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Financial Support for Presenters 2024

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Exciting Opportunity!

As part of our commitment to supporting the professional growth of our members, we are pleased to offer financial support for invited speakers and presenters in conferences for body psychotherapy, in other psychotherapeutic fields or in the field of neurobiology and cognitive science. 

This support helps you to cover expenses related to travel, accommodation, and registration.

At the IIBA, we are committed to fostering growth, knowledge sharing, and professional development. We recognize the invaluable contributions that our members make as speakers and we want to show our support in a tangible way to members who are involved in humanitarian activities. 

The eligibility criteria and procedure are currently being developed.

Status on January 8, 2024

Eligibility requirements

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Please pay attention:

  • An active member is a member who has paid her/his membership 2024. Student and Supporting Members can’t apply for the financial support for presenters 2024.
  • You are listed in the official large-scale event program as (Keynote) Speaker, Panellist and/or Workshop Leader. Attention: If you are an invited Workshop Leader, we request that the workshop you will give is conducted in a high-level setting (A-Level). “Simple” Workshop Leaders can’t apply for the financial support for presenters 2024.
  • The financial support for presenters 2024 only considers following large-scale events: congresses or conferences in the fields of body psychotherapy, other psychotherapeutic fields, neurobiology and cognitive science.
  • If you get paid (fee, honorarium, remuneration), your expenses related to travel, accommodation, and registration are partially or fully paid and / or covered by anyone else, you can’t apply for the financial support for presenters 2024.

Application process

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Details about step 1 & step 2

Step 1

(Jun 1 – Nov 30, 2024): Send an e-mail to including …

  • Invitation letter from the conference organization and
  • Link to the conference website / program (where you are named).

Step 2

(Dec 2 – Dec 15, 2024): You have to send another e-mail to including …

  • Flight or train ticket (economy class) invoice confirming the traveling time and payment (if applicable).
  • Additional urban transport expenses (economy class / second class) (if applicable).
  • Accommodation invoice (up to 4 stars hotels) confirming the timeframe of the stay and payment (if applicable). The total amount of the accommodation reimbursement may not exceed 400 EUR.
  • Receipt of the registration fee paid confirming participant and large-scale event (if applicable).
  • Any additional related costs (documented).
  • Article in English (≥200 words) about your large-scale event’s participation and 3 high quality pictures for the IIBA Newsletter.

The Back-Office will review, prepare the expense reports and inform about the reimbursement in the beginning of the year 2025. The reimbursement (payment) will take place in the week of Jan 13, 2025.

Weighting System

The formula (as below) will determine the level of reimbursement related to the Financial Support for Presenters 2024.


Active member of the IIBA with at least 5 years active voluntary, unpayed work in IIBA self-organisation or other committees dedicated to the functionning of the institute (or x times presentations on conferences in the field of body-psychotherapy).

5 points


Valid application received on time and proper documentation.

5 points


Reach of the large-scale event

·       Local event

·       National event

·       Continental and/or international event

1 point

2 points

5 points


Presenter, leader and/or main audience belongs to a Minority Group

5 points


Written article received for the Newsletter (including 3 high-quality pictures from the event).

5 points

Maximum points

25 points


If you are interested in applying for this financial support, please send an e-mail to


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