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Società Italiana di Anàlisi Bioenergètica

Much is going on these days. Here just a short glimpse of our activities during the past months:

In June, Maria Luisa Manca and Aristeidis Iniotakis participated in the Forum of the Schools of Psychotherapy 2022, organized by the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy, presenting a clinical case.

In September, Massimo Borgioni and Patrizia Moselli participated in the initiative of the order of psychologists of the Lazio Region "Psychotherapy in an age of uncertainty. Reflections starting from clinical cases” presenting a Clinical Case.

In October,

  • Siab organized the Month of Psychological Wellbeing by offering various events such as conferences, exercise classes and free sessions.
  • Patrizia Moselli and Maria Luisa Manca participated in the world day for mental health organized by the Algeco Company for its employees, and
  • Patrizia Moselli and Maria Luisa Manca also led the Didactic Commission which was attended by about 30 people including CBT members and teachers. The topics covered were: Energy, the work of Ben Shapiro and the Groups in Bioenergetic Analysis.
  • Siab has activated the course on "Bioenergetics and eating disorders" accredited by the Lazio Region, and
  • Siab is organizing the next training for psychotherapists.

In November, Ada Lentini participated, as Siab delegate, in the EABP Forum of body psychotherapy Trainings.

Patrizia Moselli | Siab President | Società Italiana di Anàlisi Bioenergètica




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