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Live Supervision

  • Author: Odila Weigand
  • Date - Year (yyyy): 1997
  • Language(s): English, Russian

 by Odila Weigand
  in IIBA Clinical Journal - Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 1997, pp. 10-24

Live supervision has been an instrument for training therapists in Bioenergetic Analysis, whereby the training evaluation is carried out by doing therapy with the supervisor physically present in the room. Although other body therapy training courses, such as Biosynthesis, utilize live supervision in the more advanced stages as well as use it as an evaluation criteria, I do not know of any article previously written on live supervision in body psychotherapy literature. I hope this paper will arouse in my colleagues the impulse to write and share their experiences, not only as supemsees but as supervisors as well. As the supervisor's responsibility is great, we must create space for the exchange of knowledge and experience.


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