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Join the largest network of Bioenergetic Therapists!

We are a non‑profit professional organization created in 1956 (by Alexander Lowen) dedicated to the spread of modern Bioenergetic Analysis in the world and to the support and encouragement of our members in their activity as bioenergetic therapists. Through our mission, modern Bioenergetic Analysis develops and grows.

  We focus on

Enhancing the expansion of the method of modern Bioenergetic Analysis with the aim of alleviating human suffering.
Providing support to our members and to our various groups within our community (local societies, institutes and regional federations).
Working closely with our local societies, institutes and regional federations in order to develop our members’ capacities as bioenergetic therapists, while being aware about cultural differences.
Embodying in the highly competent ethical practice of Bioenergetic Analysis by offering workshops and trainings by our most experienced bioenergetic therapists.

  Paramount importance has

Being recognized as an open-minded global community committed to continuous improvements through research and sharing knowledge between our members and with other professional groups.
❤ Appreciating the work done by our members and by our local societies, institutes and federations around the world as they are our most valuable asset!

Join our vibrant community to share the passion for Bioenergetic Analysis!

We support you through some useful benefits:

Awareness: Learn about bioenergetis, new ideas and professional development workshops.
Credibility: It shows clients that you are engaged and taking initiative, staying current with changes in the field of Bioenergetic Analysis.
Contacts: You have access to member database; other resources and you are listed in the Therapist Directory.
Advertising: Your practise can be featured in directories and through our social media channels.
Savings: Take advantage of discounted registration fees.
Networking: Find opportunities to attend events and get in contact with like-minded people from around the world.
Lobbying: There is strength in numbers.
Volunteering: Get involved in committees, conferences and workshops.
Awards: Access to the IIBA (Young) Awards.
Publications: Subscription to the International Newsletter and Clinical Journal.

An IIBA membership is one year in duration and renewed annually. Most of our members belong to a local society or institute. In this case our members pay their IIBA dues to their local society or institute, who will send them in one sum, and in due time, to the IIBA. For some reasons, we also have member at large (MAL) who are not being part of an local society. In this case, these members pay the IIBA dues individually to the IIBA.

We invite you to join one of our local societies or institutes. Find your society here ...   (If there isn't any society or institute in your area, you might want to consider setting one up. We provide support to new societies as they get themselves off the ground.

(Membership dues for the coming year have to be paid from August 1 until December 15. Further conditions for paying dues are given by our societies and institutes. Please contact your society administration for more details. For our members at large, payments can be done by bank wire (please contact our Back-Office for more information.) or by online payment via PayPal.

If you have lost contact with us for a time, please contact our Back-Office. It's simple to re-join our global community of bioenergetic therapists!

Our Back-Office contact: ... > 

Please read our membership dues refund policy.

Membership Categories

Stamp Trainee green sTrainee

Student membership is open to students who are undertaking a training in the theory and practice of Bioenergetic Analysis following the guidelines and curriculum of the IIBA.

Stamp CBT blue sCertified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT)

Any individual who is a certified bioenergetic therapist by the IIBA.

Stamp Retired CBT blue sRetired member

Is open to individuals who have retired as a certified bioenergetic therapist and who wish to maintain the IIBA membership in retirement.

Stamp Local Trainer orange sLocal Faculty Member

Any individual who becomes appointed as a local faculty member by the local teaching committee and works as a local trainer in an affiliated society or institute. (Members at large can't be appointed as a local faculty member.)

Stamp Int Trainer red sInternational Faculty Member

Any individual who belongs to the IIBA International Faculty taking care of certified bioenergetic training programs.

Stamp Emeritus Fac purple sEmeritus Faculty Member

Emeritus membership is open to retired international faculty members, who have been a member in good standing for at least 15 years and are 65 years or older. Emeritus membership is a high honor that is only granted to retirees who have made a significant contribution to the IIBA. Emeritus membership has been designed to recognize and express appreciation to distinguished retired members for their contribution and commitment to Bioenergetic Analysis.

Stamp Associate yellow sAssociate Member

Associate membership is open to people interested in the field of Bioenergetic Analysis.


There are many ways that you can contribute to our activities. Our volunteer opportunities encompass a wide range of interests, skills and goals, so find the opportunity that’s right for you. Ready to volunteer? If you want to know more about our volunteer opportunities, please contact our Back-Office. .

Board of Trustees

The IIBA is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees (BoT), comprised of 11 elected members who serve three-year terms. The collective wisdom, experience, diversity and passion of the BoT ultimately sets and executes IIBA’s core ideology: Our core purpose - IIBA’s reasons for being, and our core values - the essential and enduring principles that guide IIBA. Our vitality and relevance is driven by the BoT.


The IIBA has special committees, like the Teaching Committee, Faculty Committee, Social Media Committee, Awards Committee etc. Sometimes special working groups are created for specific tasks.

Presenters and workshop leaders

Attendees at IIBA events hone their skills by learning from and sharing with experts. We recruit volunteers regularly to present information, new researches, or share their experience at our international conferences, professional development workshops and webinars.



The home place of Bioenergetic Analysis.

The IIBA is a member of
USABP and of  EABP

USABP Logo 1

EABPLogo 600


  International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
   C/ dels Ametllers, 6
             08670 Navàs - Barcelona
  +34 623 56 32 47
  Working days - Western Europe time (UTC+2)


  Read our Privacy Policy




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