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Bionergetic Analysis Clinical Evidence Map

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The Bioenergetic Analysis Clinical Evidence Map is the result of a partnership between IIBA and Cabsin (Brazil) and Bireme/PAHO/WHO with the presence of specialists in Bioenergetic Analysis and of the methodology developed by the International Impact Evaluation (3iE) for mapping evidence and its gaps.

The studies evaluated the effect for three thematic health groups:

  • Mental Disorders and Indicators

  • Well-Being and Quality of Life, and

  • Organic Diseases and Metabolic and Physiological Indicators. 

The interventions were grouped into 8 groups;

  1. Individual Bioenergetic Analysis

  2. Group Bioenergetic Analysis Interventions

  3. Exercises in Bioenergetic Analysis (TRE – Isolated technique)

  4. Mixed Individual Body Psychotherapies

  5. Group Psycho-corporal Interventions

  6. Exercises in Bioenergetic Analysis (TRE – Mixed technique)

  7. Body Psychotherapies, and

  8. Grounding Psychotherapies

and were associated with 69 health outcomes.

The groups that were most analyzed were those of Individual Bioenergetic Analysis - multimodal psychotherapy (n=20) and Group Psycho-corporal Interventions - mixed technique (n = 13). Also analyzed were Grounding – derived studies (n=6), Body Psychotherapy – mixed technique (n=5), Group Interventions in Bioenergetic Analysis – multimodal (n=4), Intervention Exercises in Bioenergetic Analysis TRE – mixed and isolated technique (n= 1 and n= 5), and Body Psychotherapy (n=2).

The studies reported

  • a potential positive effect (n=38 outcomes), followed by
  • positive (n=26 outcomes),
  • no effect (n=6 outcomes), and
  • inconclusive (n=3 outcomes) for the interventions/outcomes that were analyzed. 

» 87% of studies presented potentially positive or positive outcomes. Implications for management

» Primary studies that received good methodological evaluation by MMAT and/or secondary studies highlighted the positive effect of several interventions for: Mental disorders and indicators (Aggressiveness, Social adjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Somatoform mental disorder, Emotional control, Social control, Schizophrenia, Psychological stress, Mood, Emotional regulation, Relaxation, Burnout syndrome, Seasonal affective disorder, Eating disorder, Personality and behavior disorders, Neurotic stress and somatoform disorders, and emotional bonding); Well-being and Quality of Life (Selfcare, Psychological well-being, Functional capacity, Body awareness, Mobility, Sleep quality, Quality of life, and Vitality); and Organic Diseases and Metabolic and Physiological Indicators (Cortisol, Pregnancy discomforts, Pain, Physical function, and Blood viscosity).

To learn more about the study, you can access the executive summary via the link or access the Bireme website to do your research on the Evidence Map and learn more about the studies
used in the research in more detail.

Website link:
The English version of the evidence map will soon be published on the Bireme website.


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