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Our Clinical Journal of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis is publsihed in our new e-library

Read the Clinical Journal here ...


1. Letter from the Editor | Maê Nascimento

2. Honoring Bennett Shapiro | Lynn Greenhough, Odila Weigand, Vita Heinrich-Clauer & Garry Cockburn

3. Pluralities | Maria Cristina FranciscoKey words: body, plurality, diversity, emotion, transformation

4. Pride and Prejudice | Thomas Heinrich | Key words: homonegativity, transnegativity, narcissism, hetero-centric, cis-centered

5. Basic principles, Fundamental Concepts and Values in Bioenergetic Analysis | Louise Fréchette | Key words: organic pulsation, character structure, grounding, authenticity

6. Winds of Change | Vincentia Schroeter | Key words: Bioenergetics, attachment, self psychology, trauma, polyvagal

7. Bioenergetics Going Forward | Susan Kanor | Key words: prejudice, domination, suffering, chaos, social clinics

8. Thinking About Bioenergetic Analysis Today | Guy Tonella | Key words: homeostasis, adaptation, emotion as regulating factor

9.  Bodies In Disassociation: Microaggressions and Re-traumatization | Helen Resneck-Sannes | Key words: disassociation, microaggression, racism, bias, re-traumatization, empathy

10. "Reconnection" | Scott Baum | Key words: connection, re-connection, autism, borderline and schizophrenic personality organizations

11. The Physical Dynamics of Primitive States | Garry Cockburn | Key words: primitive states of mind, theory of mind, physical dynamics, sensation, ESMER

12. Clinical Considerations Regarding the Use of Touch in Psychotherapy | Diana Guest & Janet Parker | Key words: use of touch in psychotherapy, somatic psychotherapy, ethical issues, types of therapeutic touch

13. You Are Your Body | Christoph Helferich | Key words: western dualism, phenomenology, lived body, embodiment, nurturing contact

14.The ESMER model | Guy Tonella | Key words: self, complexification, ESMER, interconnections, interpersonal


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