1. Modesty versus Shame
    Identity Building through Nature, Personal History and Culture
    -Rosaria Filoni-
    Key words: modesty, shame, body, myths

2. Shame and the Dilemma of Human Destructiveness
    -Scott Baum-
    Key words: shame, human destructiveness, neurotic guilt, bioenergetic analysis

3. Shame: Wanting to Be Seen and the Need to Hide
    -Helen Resneck-Sannes-
    Key words: shame, narcissism, gender, sexual abuse, outliers

4. Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Trans, Inter and Queers - some challenges for the theory and work of Bioenergetic Therapists
    -Thomas Heinrich-
    Key words: biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex role, trans

5. Compulsions and Personality Disorders
    Homicides and Suicides: a Social Health Issue Based on Bioenergetic Analysis
    -Mara Luiza Vieira Ceroni and Cláudia Abude-
    Key words: schizoid personality disorder (SPD), rampage shooter, compulsion, bioenergetics analysis, creativity

6. Attachment to Relational Trauma
    -Homayoun Shahri-
    Keywords: relational trauma, internal conflict, structural conflict, object relations conflict, transitional object

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