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Alexandre Franca Barreto (Libertas/FLAAB)
Professor at Universidade Federal do Vale do São Francisco in Petrolina/PE, Brazil.


I have been developing social work involving Bioenergetics at public health and education units and in social organizations. The work includes teaching/capacity building and health assistance. Bioenergetics have proven to be a powerful resource in human development and integrative care for the individuals and groups with whom we have been working. Our methodology is based on three principles consisting of building safe bonds, Bioenergetic body work and making room for exchanging and integrating experiences through which we develop a “Pedagogy of life” that does not dissociate technical capacity building and human care and seeks to integrate equally mind and body into practices of care and teaching. For the last five years we have worked with over 1,000 people of varied profiles: public health service users; public health professional; public university students and residents; and members of traditional indigenous populations. Some of the results of this study have been published and the most visible results indicate improved life quality (expressed in different ways through physical, emotional and relational aspects) of beneficiaries and its perceived relevance in public policies.

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