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The Sociedade Brasileira de Análise Bioenergetica (SOBAB), founded in 1981, in São Paulo, has been graduating bioenergetic analysts throughout these years, following the IIBA's orientation and curriculum. Three groups have accomplished the training program and three other groups are taking the course. We are 60 members, among us there are 21 CBTs and one international trainer.
The development and growth of our Society has propitiated the creation of other instances besides the training itself, allowing its members to be more involved and integrated.
One of the movements started in 1994, when some trainees and CBTs got organized in order to assist the community, offering psycho-theraputic sessions, exercises classes and lectures at a low fee, making
Bioenergetic Analysis affordable to a share of the population that might not have access to it in a private clinic.
We may not forget about the huge economic and cultural opposites which dominate in our country, where the welfare work has been neglected and most of the population doesn't have private health insurance.
The "Life and Movement Clinic" (Clinica Vida e Movimento) was born with the great support of SOBAB's staff, aiming to integrate its members (trainees, CBTs, supervisors and trainers). The Clinic is based on the commitment with service production and continuous reflection of practices that can lead to change the reality we live in.

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