Ego, Character and Sexuality
Alexander Lowen

A New View of Countertransference
Gabriella Buti Zaccagnini

Bioenergetic Work with Children: Experiences in a Child Psychiatric Unit
Arnt W. Halsen

Invisibility and Character
Martin H. Astor

The Eyes and Sexuality: A Personal Tale pdf
Leslie Case

The Armoring of Our Eyes
John Bellis

Fusion and Confusion in Alzheimer's Disease pdf
Edith Fournier

BOOK REVIEWS            
The Golden Guru: The Strange Journey of Shree Rajneesh,
by J. D.Gordon
Lifestreams: An Introduction to Biosynthesis,
by David Boadella
reviewed by Leonard A. CARLINO
Rhythmic Integration: Finding  Wholeness in the Cycle of Change,
by Ronald Robbins     
reviewed by FRANK HLADKY
Heartsearch: Toward healing Lupus, by Donna Hamil Talman
reviewed by LYN MAYO
Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow,
by John P. Conger
reviewed by ROBERT C. WARE

A Poem: No Forgetting,
by Shawna V. Carboni


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