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Webinar Series 2022 - Oral Character

IIBA Int. Conference
Date: 25/10/2022 19:00 - 21:00

Venue: Zoom - Virtual Webinars  |  City: Barcelona, Spain

Webinar Series 2022: Oral Character: Understanding and Treating the Abandoned Child by Vincentia Schroter

Bioenergetic Analysis | Expressive Mind / Body Psychotherapy

In the first year of life, we need to receive enough love to develop a secure bond. When a child is not given enough love, they deflate like a balloon and collapse, in order to the suppress the pain of feeling abandoned.

This workshop will teach you the dynamics of the Oral Character, increase your compassion for the Oral Character, provide the most effective therapeutic stance from a psychodynamic view, and provide Bioenergetic tools for helping the client.


1. Welcome
2. Presentation
    a. Dynamics of oral character (age, attachment wound, somatic response)
    b. Demonstration / illustration of the body holding patterns
    c. What the client needs from the therapist
3. Experiential
    a. Hand exercises
    b. Wrist exercises
    c. Strategies to help the Oral client feel held and stand on their own.
4. Q & A

Learning objectives:

In this workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of and compassion toward the Oral character and be able to take an effective therapeutic stance using Bioenergetic methods.

1. Gain an understanding of the psychodynamic world of the Oral Character.
2. Deepen your compassion for the struggle of the Oral Character.
3. Identify defensive and adaptive holding patterns.
4. Analyze transference and countertransference issues in working with the Oral.
5. Learn effective therapeutic tools for treating an Oral Client.

About the speaker:

Vin Schroeter, PhD is a member of the international faculty of the IIBA and SCIBA (Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis). She had a forty-two-year career as a clinical psychotherapist, focusing on body-mind psychology, and specializing in Bioenergetic Analysis. She lives in California (USA) and is the author of the books: Tilt: Seeking Balance in Troubled Times (2021), and Communication Breakthrough: How Using Brain Science and Listening to the Body Can Transform Your Relationships (2018). Vin co-wrote with Barbara Thomson the book, Bend into Shape: Techniques for Bioenergetic Therapists (2011).

Join us and learn about the pillars of our approach!

Discover how everything started and how the principles of Bioenergetic Analysis have developed (integrating relationality, attachment, neuroscience and trauma).

Find out why Lowen’s Bioenergetic Character Structure Types are the most accurate and profound system and begin to understand them.

 Webinar Attention


October 25, 2022 | 07:00 – 09:00 pm (CEST - UTC +2) | Global Time Reference | Add to Calendar

Language: English | Simultaneous Translation: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Russian(1)


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 WebinarSeries Zoom

More information:

  • Each webinar will last 2 hours, including a theoretical and an experiential part and gives an opportunity for Q&A.
  • These 6 webinars are open to anyone interested in attending. The webinar series is especially designed for both professionals who are considering bioenergetic training as well as those wishing to learn about the bioenergetic approach.
  • All webinars are free of charge. Registration will be required, but will be open until the end of the event.
  • Languages covered (original and simultaneous interpretation): English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.
  • Recordings will be available approximately 5-6 business days after each event.

  • Reich, W. (1976, original ed. in German 1933). Character Analysis. Pocket Book.
  • Lowen, A. (1971, original ed. 1958). The Language of the Body.London: Collier Macmillan Publishing Co.
  • Lowen, A. (1976). Bioenergetics.London: Penguin Books.
  • Fréchette, L. (2022). Basic principles, Fundamental Concepts and Values in Bioenergetic Analysis. Bioenergetic Analysis32(1), 43–49.

(1) Russian will be offered thanks our Moscow Training Group.



+34 623 56 32 47
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Barcelona, Spain




All Dates

  • 25/10/2022 19:00 - 21:00
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