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It's hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Alexander Lowen's passing.

Alexander Lowen Mailing Header

Alexander Lowen still lives strongly in our memories. Leslie Case said in the memorial event 2009: "Alexander Lowen gave us so much. He lived life on his own terms, he was a simple man, he was a giant in the field ofmental health, a mentor and collegue ... He was furious, he was kind, he was radical in his theroies, he was conservetive in his habits, he was a mortal man, he was someone who's contributions will life after him."

We want to share with you some articles, summarized in the eBook Honoring Alexander Lowen, that furthered Lowen’s pioneering work in the field of body psychotherapy and many of the speeches of the memorial Celebrating Alexander Lowen from April 3-4, 2019 (New York, USA).

The videos were recorded in the Memorial Event Celebrating Alexander Lowen to remember, to recognize, to reminisce about Al Lowen. We have uploaded most ofthe speeches. The videos as follows are currently unavailable:

  1. Welcome by Scott Baum and Guest Introduction by Virginia Hilton - Link to Youtube
  2. From Freud to Reich to Lowen by Bob Lewis - Link to Youtube
  3. Al's Life and Legacy by Vivian Guze - Link to Youtube
  4. Remembering Al Lowen through Personal Reflections on Al's Life and Work by Leslie Case - Link to Youtube, Heiner Steckel - Link to Youtube, Ron Robbins - Link to Youtube 
  5. Remembering Al Lowen through Personal Reflections on Al's Life - Letter Reading from Fred Lowen - Link to Youtube, Ben Shapiro - Link to Youtube, Jean-Marc Guillerme - Link to Youtube, Frank Hladky - Link to Youtube
  6. Exercise Tribute by Eleanor Greenlee - Link to Youtube
  7. Al Lowen's Contribution to Body Psychotherapy and Humanistic Phycology by George Downing - Link to Youtube
  8. Panel Discussion: The Impact of Bioenergetic Analysis on the Culture, and the Culture's Impact on Bioenergetics by Garry Cockburn, Márcia Barreto, Jim Elniski, Patrizia Moselli, Helen Resneck-Sannes and George Downing - Link to Youtube
  9. The Man, The Legacy, and the Future of Bioenergetic Analysis by Bob Hilton - Link to Youtube

 With gratitude and appreciation we would like to thank again all those involved in the eBook Honoring Alexander Lowen and in the Memorial Event Celebrating Alexander Lowen.

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