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Webinar about "What is Bioenergetic Analysis and how Bioenergetic Analysis helps people to make better life to themselves and for the people for who they care about?"

Scott Baum (Ph.D. ABPP), IIBA International Faculty Member and Chair of the IIBA Teaching Committee gives a general idea and also some specific examples. When watching this video, please pay close attention to your sensation, to treat everything what happens as part of the experience.

1st part: Introduction and what is Bioenergetic Analysis
1st question: What is the significance and function of the body in Bioenergetic Analysis and how can the body change in the process of therapy?
2nd question: How to turn emotions into positive energies to help to improve our lives?
3rd question: Every Therapist has his own personality / character structure. How we use our own advantages and avoid disadvantages in our character?

We extend our sincere appreciation to our Training Group in China and Scott Baum (Ph.D. ABPP), without whom this webinar would not have been possible.

Watch the Webinar on YouTube

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