1. The Present Dilemma of Psychotherapy - Psychotherapy at Risk
    -Maê Nascimento-

2. Interview with Eleanor Greenlee
    -John Conger-

3. Analysis of Developmental Trauma
    -Homayoun Shahri-

4. Yawning - Grounding by the Inner Stretch Pattern
    -Thomas Heinrich-

5. Creativity and Grounding in a Liquid World: Building and Maintaining a Social Clinic in Sâo Paulo, Brazil
    -Léia Maria De Mora Cardenuto-

6. Integrating Régulation Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis
    -Vincentia Schroeter-

7. From Pain and Anxiety to Pleasure
    -Helen Resneck-Sannes-

8. Abstracts to "A Core Energetics Approach to Negativity"
    -Odila Weigand-

9. A Core Energetics Approach to Negativity
    -Odila Weigand-



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