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Dues 2021

It is time for renewal - time to re-join the IIBA. With your support, we can encourage our members in their work as Bioenergetic Therapists and develop and grow Bioenergetic Analysis, as a theory and as a movement.

We are aware that the current health crisis is temporarily decreasing the income of many our members, forcing them to cut costs.
We want to support our Active Members*, Student Members** and Supporting Members*** by offering 40% off discount.

* Active Members: Any CBT, Retired CBT, Local Faculty, International Faculty or Emeritus Faculty who has paid IIBA membership dues 2020.
** Student Members: Any new student (training started in 2020) and any student in Bioenergetic Analysis Training who has paid IIBA membership dues 2020.
*** Supporting Members: Any associate member who has paid IIBA membership dues 2020.

Please contact our Back-Office for further information.   .








110 € l'unité


Any individual who is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist by the IIBA.


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