journal 1 to 4An Interview
Alexander Lowen

A Valiant Woman
Carol M. Bandini

Symptoms and Diseases of the Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Tracts
John M. Bellis

The Divided BodyDavid Boadella

A Case of Anorexia Nervosa
Miki Frank

What Is A Bioenergetic Exercise Class? Or: What A Bioenergetic Exercise Class Is Not
Ellen Green

Que Vive L'Amour
Jean-Marc Guillerme

The Long Road to Personhood
Philip M. Helfaer

Max: A Case Study of Spirit and Soma
Stanley Keleman

An Ordinary Journey
Angela Klopstech

The Case of the Organismic Kick or How to Move a Mountain
Robert A. Lewis

Two Vignettes
Jack B. McIntyre

Nobody Cries in Texas: A Clinical Vignette
Myron R. Sharaf

Passion of Youth,
by Wilhelm Reich
reviewed by Robert D. Palmer and Philip M. Helfaer

journal 1 to 4The Spirituality of the Body
Alexander Lowen

A Backdoor to Grace: The Best We Can Offer
Angel Klopstech

Grounding and Grace
Robert Hilton

Genital Incest Desire and Its Actual Frustration: Core of Character
M. Helfaer

“The Word Made Flesh”
David A. F. Campbell

journal 5 1 2Ego, Character and Sexuality
Alexander Lowen

A New View of Countertransference
Gabriella Buti Zaccagnini

Bioenergetic Work with Children: Experiences in a Child Psychiatric Unit
Arnt W. Halsen

Invisibility and Character
Martin H. Astor

The Eyes and Sexuality: A Personal Tale
Leslie Case

The Armoring of Our Eyes
John Bellis

Fusion and Confusion in Alzheimer's Disease
Edith Fournier

BOOK REVIEWS            
The Golden Guru: The Strange Journey of Shree Rajneesh,
by J. D.Gordon
Lifestreams: An Introduction to Biosynthesis,
by David Boadella
reviewed by Leonard A. CARLINO
Rhythmic Integration: Finding  Wholeness in the Cycle of Change,
by Ronald Robbins     
reviewed by FRANK HLADKY
Heartsearch: Toward healing Lupus, by Donna Hamil Talman
reviewed by LYN MAYO
Jung and Reich: The Body as Shadow,
by John P. Conger
reviewed by ROBERT C. WARE

A Poem: No Forgetting,
by Shawna V. Carboni

journal 5 1 2Sexuality: From Reich to the Present
by Alexander Lowen

Orgastic Potency: Fact or Fiction
Miki Frank

Castration, Acculturation and “The End of Days”
Ronal Robbins

Reconnecting with the Body: Bioenergetic Treatment for Abuse
Frank Hladky

Sexual Abuse: The Body Remembers Even When the Mind Does Not
Angela Klopstech

When We Are Accused
Virginia Wink Hilton

Orgasm Reflex: That Elusive Experience
Ed Svasta

Sexuality: Support of the Self-Betrayal of the Ego
Robert Hilton

Healing the Sexual Split between Tenderness and Aggression
Bennet Shapiro

The Therapist's Use of Self
Leonard A. Carlino

The Numbskull
by Melanie Wolf and Jane Ahlfeld

BOOK REVIEWS            
Natural Vision Improvement, by Janet Goodrich
reviewed by MARY ANNE BRIGHT
What to Do until Enlightenment: Healing Ourselves-Healing the Earth, by Stuart Alpert
reviewed by FRANK HLADKY
Planetarietà: Program for the Realization of a Project for Planetary Man, by Ezio Zucconi Mazzini and Gilberta Alpa    
reviewed by RONALD ROBBINS
The Power of Countertransference: Innovations in Analytic Technique, by Karen Maroda    
Beyond Countertransference: The Therapist's Subjectivity in the Therapeutic Process,by Joseph Natterson    

SHORT ITEMS                
Three Poems: Dream; Sprichstimme; Poet
by Ellen Green
A Poem: Notes to a Therapist by Karla
by Barbara FINLEY JAMES       

journal 6 to 7The Process of Bioenergetics
Alexander Lowen

It Takes Two to Tango
David Campbell

Fountains of Delight: Joy in the Therapeutic Process
Ronald Robbins

The Bioenergetics Stool: its Use as an Integral Part of the Process in Bioenergetics
Ellen Green

Finding Your Movement
Philip M. Helfaer

Healing in the Therapeutic Process
Jean-Marc Guillerme

Healing the Heart
Stephen T. Sinatra

Surrender to The Joy of Sexuality: a Couples Workshop
Anne Evans

BOOK REVIEWS            
Listening to Prozac: a Psychiatrist Explores Antidepressant Drugs and the Remaking of the Self, by Peter Kramer    
reviewed by MICHAEL R. BRIDGES
The Perfect Fit: How to Achieve Mutual Fulfillment and Monogamous Passion Through the New Intercourse, by Edward Eichel and Philip Nobile    
reviewed by MARY ANNE BRIGHT

SHORT ITEMS                
A Poem, by Michael Marmarinos

journal 6 to 7Excerpts from the Acceptance Speech of Virginia Wink Hilton, Executive Director-Elect   

Keynote Address: a Conversation with Al Lowen Exploring His Experiences and Understanding of Bioenergetic Analysis Over the Last Forty Years
by Alexander Lowen

From Psychoanalysis, to Gestalt Therapy, to Bioenergetic Analysis: a Personal/Professional Integration
by Ed Svasta

A Long Day's Journey From Illusion To Reality
Miki Frank

Bioenergetic Analysis and My Voyage to Self-Discovery: Recovering My Mensch or Where oh Where Is Sancho Panza?
Robert Lewis

Making a Place for the Adolescent Body in Bioenergetic Analysis
Denis Royer

Bioenergetics: a Way of Passion
Jim. Miller

The Recovery of Self and the Client/ Therapist Relationship in Bioenergetic Analysis
Robert Hilton

Songs My Mother Taught Me
David Campbell

A poem, by Jim Alba

journal 8Brazil with Z & Brasil Com S
Leonardo Christo

The Hysterical Character in the Patriarchal Society and the Question of the Feminine
Eliana Isola Rodrigues Silva           

Live Supervision
Odila Weigand

Bioenergetics with Drug Addicts in Venezuela
Gloria de Sardiñas

A Psychologist in El Salvador
Maryanna Eckberg

Three Poems from a Cycle of Thirteen Entitled: The Father Year
Susan Downe

An Interview with Jean-Marc Guillerme
Jean-Loup Briaudet

Short Term Bioenergetic Therapy with a Population of Religious Men and Women
Mark B. Everson, M.A., C. Psychology

Works Regarding the Voice: Mental Illness and Bioenergetics
Marisa Orsini

Of One's Own (a poem)
Ellen Green Giammarini

Reflections on Learning and Teaching Bioenergetics
Edsel Stiel

Body Song: How Singing Reveals & Heals
Ron Panvini

On Considering Dual Relationships
Carol Bandini

Les Lieux Du Corps reviewed
reviewed by Maryse Doess
Anima e Corpo
reviewed by Gabriella Buti Zaccagnini
Forum Der Bioenergfetischen Analyse
reviewed by Robert Lewis

journal 13 2002The Trauma of Cephalic Shock: Clinical Case Study in Which a Portuguese Man-of-War Faces the Jaws of Death and thereby Reclaimes His Bodily Self (his heart and soul)
Robert Lewis

Trauma and Recovery
Marvin H. Berman

Cerebral Hemorrhage and  Friendship
Charles Lustfield

Susan Downe

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Putting the Pieces Back Together
Louise Frechette   

Zoé de Frietas

Crying and Violence: An Example of the Use of Bioenergetic Body Work
Alice Kalen Ladas

Working With Sexually Abused People: How to deal with these Clients
Dorte Laschinsky   

Susan Downe

Emotional First Aid: Healing a Birth-Trauma
Silja Wendelstadt

Vicarious Traumatization: Prevention and Care
Barbara E. Davis

The Unacceptable Horror of the Inconceivable
Pierre Rothschild

The Bonds of Love: Psychoanalysis, Feminism and the problem of domination. By Jessica Benjamin
reviewed by Concepcio Garriga i Seto
The Catalan Society Journal
reviewed by Concepcio Garriga i Seto
Relational Perspectives on the Body, eds Lewis Aron and Frances Sommer Anderson
reviewed by Lucia Kellar
Therapists at Risk, by Laurence E. Heges, Robert Hilton, Virginia Wink Hilton, 0. Brandt Caudell, Jr.
reviewed by Vincentia Schroeter

journal 13 2002Murcielagos
Kristan Rosekrans

Embodying Politics:The Israeli/Palestinian conflict and my person recovery from PTSD
Dave Berceli

Trauma and Startle Reflex: It’s Creation and Resolution
Dave Berceli

Working in a Land of Passion with a People of Passion
Geoffrey Whitfield

Cerebral Hemorrhage: My Account
Gay Mallon Listfield

Steps Between Life and Death
Knut Brakert

Bioenergetics Applied to Social Clinics
Grace Wanderly de Barros Correia, Jayme Panerai Alves, Gedalva Rapela, Lucina Araujo

Case Study of a Survivor of Political Torture
Maryanna Eckberg

Treatment of Shock Trauma (PSD): A Somatic Perspective
Maryanna Eckberg

Traumatization of a Society: El Salvador's Struggle Continues
Kristan Rosekrans

Myth and Body, by Stanley Keleman
reviewed by John Conger
Modes of Therapeutic Action, by Martha Stark
Reviewed by Angela Klopstech and Myron Koltuv

journal 13 2002There Once Lived a Man: A Tribute to Jack McIntyre
Richard Mullins

Antonella Iurilli Duhamel   

To Maryanna Eckberg
Jesús Landa

The Bioenergetic Analyst’s Identity. La Identidad del Analysta Bioenergetico
Jesús Landa   

Will Iceberg Sink Titanic?
Bennett Shapiro

Psychoanalysis and Body Psychotherapies in Dialogue
Angela Klopstech

The Bioenergetic Use of a Psychoanalytic Conception of Cure
Angela Klopstech

How Trust Becomes Distrust and Other Perils of Countertransference
Leslie Case

The Mulberry Tree
Kenneth H. Stephenson

The Anal and the Analytic - Part II
Ron Robbins

Bioenergetic Stool
Tom Wills

The Bodymap: A Precise Diagnostic Tool for Psychotherapy
Peter Bernhardt and Joel Isaacs 

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