IIBA Journal - 6 - 1995 [EN]

journal 6 to 7The Process of Bioenergetics
Alexander Lowen

It Takes Two to Tango
David Campbell

Fountains of Delight: Joy in the Therapeutic Process
Ronald Robbins

The Bioenergetics Stool: its Use as an Integral Part of the Process in Bioenergetics
Ellen Green

Finding Your Movement
Philip M. Helfaer

Healing in the Therapeutic Process
Jean-Marc Guillerme

Healing the Heart
Stephen T. Sinatra

Surrender to The Joy of Sexuality: a Couples Workshop
Anne Evans

BOOK REVIEWS            
Listening to Prozac: a Psychiatrist Explores Antidepressant Drugs and the Remaking of the Self, by Peter Kramer    
reviewed by MICHAEL R. BRIDGES
The Perfect Fit: How to Achieve Mutual Fulfillment and Monogamous Passion Through the New Intercourse, by Edward Eichel and Philip Nobile    
reviewed by MARY ANNE BRIGHT

SHORT ITEMS                
A Poem, by Michael Marmarinos

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