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1. Letter from the Editor

2. Polyvagal Theory - Introduction for Somatic Psychotherapy
    -Vincentia Schroeter-

3. On Falling, Holding, and Grounding
    -Gerald Periman-

4. Elements of Comprehending Change-Processes in BA From Isolated Self-Regulation to Interactive Regulation: Embodied Resonance (Empathy) and Physical Encounter
    -Joerg Clauer-

5. The Alchemy of Ground
    -John Conger-

6. Searching for Active Factors in Diverse Approaches to Psychotherapy - Types of Intervention and Temporal Aspects (Brief Research Report)
    -Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Aureliano Crameri, Peter Schulthess, Agnes von Wyl & Voiker Tschuschke-

7. Body Resonance and the Voice
    -Vita Heinrich-Clauer-

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