1. Memorial Notes about Richard Mullins
    -Walt Watman- 

2. (Scientific Paper) Neurobiology and Psychological Development of Grounding and Embodiment: Applications in the Treatment of Clients with Early Disorders
-Jörg Clauer- 

3.  (Scientific Paper) What has changed for Clients of the Bioenergetic Approach to Therapy in the Realm of their Relationship with God?
  -James Allard-

4. (Scientific PaperBroken and Veiled in Shame - Revealed by the Body’s Implicit Light
    -Robert Lewis-

5. (Creative Writing Section) Poems
    -Linda Neal-

5. (Creative Writing Section) Grieving Mom Poems
    -Vincentia Schroeter-

6. (Book Review) J. Bauer: Epigenetics and Body Psychotherapy
    -Margit Koemeda-Lutz- 

7. (Book Review) M. Koemeda-Lutz: Intelligente Emotionalität (Intelligent Emotionality)
    -Angela Klopstech- 

8. (Book Review) D. Siegel: Mindsight
    -Robert Hilton-


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