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Телеска по Skype! Работая с клиентами на "удалёнке" я сформировала вот эти простые базовые упражнения для Заземления, Замедления и Баланса Энергии в Теле! Только личный Опыт д...
Ligare Presidente Prudente - SP Exercícios Básicos da Análise Bioenergética.
Neste primeiro vídeo, iremos apresentar alguns exercícios básicos da Análise Bioenergética, para a autorregulação do corpo nestes tempos turbulentos.
Semanalmente teremos vídeos com novos exercícios, fiquem antenados.
Resenha - O Corpo em Depressão
Resenha O Corpo em Depressão de Alexander Lowen, juntamente com Joviniano Resende. Feito por uma Live no Instagram, compartilhado aqui na plataforma.
Institut Européen de formations Professionnelles en Relation d'Aide - iepra In this 🎬live video (yesterday, March 30, 2020) with Ulrike from Institut Européen de formations Professionnelles en Relation d'Aide - iepra, Claudia Ucros (CBT and former Vice-President of the IIBA) talks about how Bioenergetics improves our wellbeing and shows a ...
Institut Européen de formations Professionnelles en Relation d'Aide - iepra Here is a French speaking recording of a practical interview that Ulrike Weissenbacher did with me : How we can improve our centering with some exercices including Bioenergetic Analysis exercises.
Enjoy and share ...
Photos from IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)'s post Human life is full of contradictions. Recognizing and accepting these contradictions is the mark of wisdom.
A vida humana é cheia de contradições. Reconhecer e aceitar essas contradições é a marca da sabedoria.
La vida humana está llena de contradicciones. ...
Das Virus und Wir - Traumaheilung Leergefegte Straßen, verlassene Geschäfte, leergeräumte Regale… Papier, das langsam über eine leere Straße weht… Menschen, die in Krankenhäusern nicht behandelt werden können….Wer von uns hat noch keinen Film gesehen, der eine Pandemie zum Thema hatte. Zum Glück kann der Held ...
Quarantine Challenge 2K20 This is almost a class of bioenergetic exercises. Heiner Steckel, I watch it and think about you ...
When the times seem a little dark it's just a call to be more LIGHT! Let your joy fly, crank the tunes ...
Coronavirus y la pandemia de miedo y ansiedad Esta emergencia sanitaria nos trae dos ideas que parecían haberse desvanecido en esta hipermodernidad: la del ser humano vulnerable y la del valor clave que tiene la comunidad
In times of Coronavirus, the IIBA Board of Trustees meets virtually:
From top left to bottom right:
Yael Harel, Vita Heinrich Clauer, Michael Brennan, Diana Guest, Josette van Luytelaar, Patrizia Moselli, Jayme Panerai, Cristina Piauhy, Paola Alessio, Léia Cardenuto and ...
Juanfran Díaz terapia + bienestar We at the IIBA, we hope you and your families stay safe and well during these challenging times.
Please join Juanfran today. He will be online at
(UTC +1) Málaga: 06:00 pm
(UTC +0) Portugal & UK: 05:00 pm
(UTC ...
We wish that all of you can feel safe wherever you are ❤️.
We are home and our upcoming "in person" meeting of the new Board of Trustees is cancelled.
Do your best and keep your spirit high and free.
Photos from IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)'s post Nosso instituto local em Recife, Libertas (Libertas Clínica-Escola), tem o prazer de convidar você para participar do II Congresso Latino-americano de Psicologia Corporal "A potência do corpo na sociedade do cansaço", a ser realizado de 02 a 04 de abril ...
SIAB - Società Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica Wash your hands
but go barefoot
and kiss the wounded earth.
Sneeze well in the elbow
but lick the tears
of those who cry.
Do not travel in vain
now it's time to stand still
in the world
to move ...
In our upcoming PDW we will talk about Embracing Aggression: Responding to Violence, Fear and Polarization. Diana Guest Diana Guest, as one of the Int. Faculty Teachers at the PDW 2020, will analyse why and how we get trapped in ...
Our local society in Southern California, USA, the Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (SCIBA) Southern California Bioenergetic Conference welcomed our members and people who desired to feel their full aliveness and who were curious about the power of Bioenergetic ...
SIAB - Società Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica È grazie ad Alessandro Cataldi(montaggio) e Veronica Cannizzaro(doppiaggio) che abbiamo il video in italiano!
Photos from IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)'s post ➡️Nuestro instituto afiliado, ACAB (Associació Catalana en l’Anàlisi Bioenergètica) organiza el 14 de marzo sábado el taller: El Concepto de Coraza y Estructura Caracterial
📅 14/03/2020 - 09:30 - 13:30 & 15:30 - 19:00
📍 Centre de Psicoterapia Alenar | ...
I Can’t Stand It! Developing your tolerance for distress
Just a couple of weeks ago, our International Faculty Member, Violaine De Clerck, hold a 3-day workshop in Montreal. The workshop was about her approach to healing shock and trauma in Bioenergetic Analysis, which is related to her perspective on ...
Il territorio dell’amore | Bioenergetica-Lowen Il territorio dell’amore, luogo sicuro o campo minato? Le risposte potrebbero essere milioni, ad ognuno di noi questa frase sicuramente susciterà un’emozione diversa.
Sobab #IIBA#
ENCONTRO com o grupo de Formação em Análise Bioenergetica neste final de semana passado: afectos e afetos.
📖 Coming soon ...
The Clinical Journal of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (2020) Volume 30 will go to the printers and will be shipped to all our members in the next couple of months.
"And we need to know what it is to be human, if we are to avoid becoming narcissists." Alexander Lowen
Sobab #IIBA#
Oficina de Grupo de Movimento que aconteceu hoje na SOBAB com Clarissa Batistella e Jaqueline Yukari.
Photos from IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)'s post ❓ Tired of the same old Law and Ethics workshop?
Come and join the workhop of "Use of Touch in Psychotherapy" from our local society Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (SCIBA)
❗ Most people leave their clinical training believing ...
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