1. Neuroscience, Attachment and Love    
    -Helen Resneck-Sannes-

2. An Object Relations Perspective on Bioenergetics and Pre-Oedipal Transferences
    -Garry Cockburn-

3. Integrating Brain, Mind, and Body: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications of Neuroscience - An Introduction
    -Margit Koemeda-Lutz-

4. Poem
    -Linda Neal-

5. (Book Review) Bend into Shape: Techniques for BioenergeticTherapists
    -Jacqueline Mills-

6. (Book Review) The Expression of an Age-Old Need for Company: Infant Research and Bioenergetic Analysis
    -Nicoletta Cinotti-

7. (Book Review) Neurobiological Theory and Models: A Help or Hindrance in thé Clinical Encounter?
    -Robert Lewis-

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